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Shows Blue Hayes

2018 Blue Roan Colt

 Four times Driftwood and five times Joe Hancock make this colt a foundation horse deluxe. Grandson of Bonnie Hayes and Mr. Roan Hancock as well as QuatroDrift he has Driftwood and Hancock galore! Flashy, stout and a quick mover. This guy can go in any direction – out on the ranch, to the show ring, or even a beautiful trail horse. You name it- he can do it! We should have named this one "Big Man" scroll down for 6 gen pedigree.

Shows Blue

Blue Roan Stallion

Show Bar Roan Mr. Roan Hancock Salty Roan (Blue Valentine)
Gila Jo Hancock (Buck Hancock)
Show Bar Mae Show Bar Bob (Blondys Dude_
Two Step Mae
Dry Fork Billie Lou Hanabar Red Show Bar Bob
Hanabar Blue
Miss Last Sails Silver Sails
Miss Doc Driftwood

Four Drift Cassie


Bay Roan

Quatro Drift  Drifts Chip  Double Drift
 Diamond Isle
 Conchos Lady 010  War Concho
 Miss Canal
Bonnie Hayes Gooseberry  Blue Valentine
 Fox Hastings
 Bonny 02    Blue Valentine
 Bonnie Owens